Before you dive into building your winning SEO strategy, you should take a look at this roadmap so that you understand the purpose of each step. From concept to completion, skipping steps will limit your performance.  sure your SEO strategy has the right tools and resources. Otherwise, you will not be able to see the growth on search engines that you have set for yourself. TIP: arm yourself with a lot of patience. A digital marketing SEO strategy brings results in the long run . Plan the steps of your SEO strategy calmly. It is not an operation of a few minutes or a few hours. And there are phases from which it is impossible to ignore. Before you start designing an SEO strategy.

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Make sure you have these 3 things under control:  The right data analysis tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics An updated Google My Business listing database SEO Strategy and Consulting-SEO-Rocket-Easy-Web-Marketing What should not be missing for an SEO Strategy? 1. A well-developed website in code and navigability If you don’t have a suitable shoe rack to store all your expensive shoes, you might have to change them soon because they will be ruined! Your website is where your organic traffic flows and your users convert.

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He must be ready to do it.  will not allow you to receive visits automatically. Or rank at the top of search engines. Your website must be professional, clean, fast and easy to navigate . Whatever your SEO plan, make sure you have a site that clearly expresses who you are and what you Book Your list do. 2. Data analysis I recommend setting up your data analysis tools before you leave. Basically, you may only need two tools: Google Search Console and Google Analytics . These two tools, made available by Google for FREE, will provide you with all the information you need to make your decisions on how to optimize your traffic and where it comes from. You can set all tags and tracking codes directly from a single tool called Google Tag Manager.