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What is this network? It’s actually a network of websites across different industries and catering an array of audiences who signe up to display Google ads on their websites. It’s a winwin scenario for both the website owner and the advertiser as the website owner gets paid for every click or impression the ad getsand the advertiser will be able to reach an audience that fits their buyer personas. Video Ads One of the most effective ad campaigns that you can take advantage of our video ads. According to the Video Advertising Report conducte by IAB, video ad spend has been continuously growing through the years. In fact, it has increase up to 25% this year.

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Additionally, 86% of marketers across the globe use video ads for their PPC ad campaigns. That’s how effective it is. These video ads are shown either before, at the middle of, or after the videos on YouTube. Take note that YouTube is Bulk SMS Poland the second largest search engine and second most visite website next to Google. With this statistic, there’s no doubt that marketers like you will easily reach your target audience on this platform. Shopping Ad Campaigns Shopping ads are somehow similar to search ads wherein they are shown in the search engine results pages. However, these ad campaigns are not only limite to texts they show detaile product information too like the price and image.

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This ad type allows you to promote specific products or product lines instead of advertising your brand as a whole. Each ad is optimize for a particular keyword and you can run these ads through the Google Merchant Center. App Ad Campaigns Book Your list Do you have a mobile app that you want to promote? Google’s App ad campaign is what you nee! With the app ad campaign, you can promote your ad on Google Search Network, Google Play, YouTube, Google Display Network and more. These ads can encourage your target audience to install your app or take an action within it.

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