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So what you would want to do is to create a great FAQ (Frequently Aske Questions) page. There are several benefits to doing this particular method that differs from other creative website marketing strategies. First of all, you provide a great service to your website visitors. Second, you treat them to a satisfying and informative experience. It provides level transparency that creates a bridge of trust between your brand and your target market. Gaining their trust is the key to turn them from a potential customer to an actual customer. Obviously, users who visit your website has one common reason why they do so because they want answers to their questions about your brand.

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Marketers usually answer these questions by writing a blog post about it or including it in the web page content. However, users now want answers in a simpler, faster way. And that’s where FAQs page comes in. This is where intereste Bulk SMS UK customers are most likely to hang around if they want to learn more about what you offer. So be sure to provide clear, honest answers and give additional resources (such as blog posts link), if possible. And then there are Google’s feature snippets. Google feature snippets The search engine results page feature is gaining prominence and importance, so you want your FAQ page to be in there. Our point here is that a great FAQ page can impact your organic search traffic in a positive way.

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This is especially the case for top-of-the-funnel searches. You get notice and eventually qualify in the feature. Putting some of your industry’s most important questions in a list and then answering them is your ticket to be include. And of course, this qualifies as a worthy addition to your list of creative website marketing strategies. 8. Optimize the Book Your list Use of Images People love spee. The larger the size of the image, the longer it takes to load, and you do not want that. Aside from getting the thumbs-up from your site visitors, fast page spee is also highly favore by Google.  How do you do this exactly? By partnering the engaging videos with your blogs.

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