Do they have a loyal and enthusiastic audience

Good influencers are discreet and demonstrate how a product or service fits effortlessly into their lives. What attributes define what constitutes good influencer content? Do you use a different strategy for each social media platform and engage with your audience in a way that is appropriate for that platform? Are your product reviews generic and the same across all platforms, or do you create varied content tailored to the product, brand, and platform? Do you interact with industry authorities and subject matter experts when relevant? Does the content appeal to the target demographic you are interested in? Do they have a loyal and enthusiastic audience? As mentioned before, the number of followers an influencer has should not be the determining factor in working with him or her.

Find out if they have worked with other brands

Rather, it is necessary to identify how well it has engag with its public. In the three main social networks, engagement is reflect in different ways: Twitter : Retweets and followers Facebook : Shares , likes and followers Instagram : Likes and followers Taiwan Phone Number Data What would the followers do in case of good engagement? Frequently visit the influencer’s social mia accounts Click, “like”, comment and share the influencer’s posts Retweet the influencer’s posts Reply to, or explore, your Instagram stories View and share the influencer’s videos on any of the platforms How do you know if an influencer has a good engagement with your audience? Followers click or like, comment, and share content. Those are the followers who are most interest in the influencer’s content, so they are more likely to click on a link and make a purchase.

Find out if they have worked with other brands

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It is convenient for a social dia influencer to work with other brands, since they already understand how a business relationship works and what a Book Your List brand might be looking for from him or her. If you are not familiar with the brands that person has work with, find out what industry they are in and if they are companies you would like to be associat with. Lack of  experience with brands should not be an impiment to choosing an influencer who is passionate about their brand, as long as they have good engagement with their audience. Serious influencers spend time building their brand and cultivating their audience.

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