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What you need is an influencer with a loyal and enthusiastic following for your brand. Learn how to find that right social media influencer for your business. In this note we tell you how. You probably already know of famous social media influencers like the Kardashians, Selena Gomez and The Rock, but did you know that Jamie Oliver is one of the top influencers on Instagram with over 9 million followers? Have you heard of Benjamin Lowly, Jannid Olsson Delér and Huda Kattan? They are photography, lifestyle and beauty influencers on Instagram. And of course, there is also Cristiano Ronaldo , the soccer star and sports influencer, with more than 500 million followers.

Take advantage of social networks

The fact that you are looking for the right social mia influencers to promote your brand or product means that you have already defin your objectives and you know why you are interest in so-call “ influencer marketing ” in the same way, it means that Poland Phone Number Data you know your target audience . Now, what should you consider in your search for that right person for your company? Relevance to your business There are many types of influencers , but what you ne is someone relevant to your business. That person must be able to influence your target audience and have content consistent with your messages. What are your brand values? Do the influential people you care about have similar values? With a Google search, you can quickly see what social mia platforms they use, what their reputation is, and what the quality of their work is.

Relevance to your business

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This means that the influencer must speak to his audience with a voice that is consistent with his values. The most generic influencers are active in topics such as gastronomy, travel, fashion and style, lifestyle, design, beauty, sports and Book Your List fitness, and photography. If, for example, you’re looking for a food influencer for your organic brand and the potential influencer isn’t promoting organic living, then you’ll ne to keep looking for the right social mia representative. Take advantage of social networks Social mia is the best place to find relevant candidates for your influencer marketing campaigns . Your objectives determine how you will measure the marketing that is generat from that type of interaction, and that should be your guide when scouting candidates on social platforms. General areas of measurement include: audience reach, impressions.

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