How to make an invoice step by step

Billing is one of the most tedious paperwork in a company or clinic, in addition to raising numerous doubts in those who have to do it for the first time. Do you need to know how to make an invoice step by step ? We tell it to you in our blog.

The invoice is a document in which the items sold or the services perform are detail with their price and which is deliver to the client to demand payment.

Said document, to be legally valid, must include certain data as stated in article 6 of chapter II of Royal Decree 1619/2012, of November 30, which says the following:

Number and, if applicable, series. The numbering of the invoices within each series will be correlative.

Requirements to make an invoice

Name and surname, reason or complete company name, both of the person oblig to issue the invoice and of the reviews recipient of the operations.
Tax Identification Number assigned by the Spanish Tax Administration or, where applicable, by that of another Member State of the European Union, with which the person obliged to issue the invoice has carried out the operation.
Address, both of the person obliged to issue the invoice and of the recipient of the operations.
Description of the operations, recording all the data necessary to determine the taxable base of the Tax, as defin by articles 78 and 79 of the Tax Law, corresponding to them and their amount, including the price. unit without Tax of said operations, as well as any discount or rebate that is not included in said unit price.
The tax rate or tax rates, if applicable, appli to the operations.

Clinic and patient address

The tax amount that, if applicable, is pass on, which must be record separately.
The date on which the document operations were carri out or on which, where applicable, the advance payment was receiv, provid that it is a date other than the date of issue of the invoice.
In the event that the operation document in an invoice is exempt from the Tax, a reference to the corresponding provisions of Directive 2006/112/EC, of ​​November 28, relating to the common system of Value Add Tax , or to the corresponding provisions of the Tax Law or indication that the operation is exempt.
The provisions of this letter will also apply when several operations are documented in a single invoice and the circumstances that have been indicat refer only to part of them.
In the event that it is the purchaser or recipient of the Book Your List delivery or service who issues the invoice instead of the supplier or provider, in accordance with the provisions of Article 5 of this Regulation, the mention “invoicing by the recipient.
In summary, in the case of a clinic the mandatory data would be the following.

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