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If the balances are positive it means that it is profitable. Systemic competitiveness It refers to the relationship that the company has with its collaborators. Whenever you want to measure the profitability of an organization, it is done in a systemic way, since it is compare with others in the market. When the company generates benefits in its environment, it is value far beyond internal efficiency. In other words, the influence it has with the agents involve (suppliers, consumers, social responsibility, etc.) is measure. Innovation competitiveness It is usually measure externally, since it is the comparison with the competition.

Taking Into Account The Above

This type of competitiveness is known as dynamic, because it emphasizes the company’s ability to: Create new products Innovate logos and labels Improve market prices Improve production processes Improve customer service Better logistics Human resources of excellence Sales accessible. Many times the way in which companies Bulk SMS Argentina make their product known is relative. While some manage sales with third parties, others do it directly. Site competitiveness Known as spurious, because it is measure according to the natural resources of the place of production. The raw materials that are obtaine from the locality give business advantages with respect to the cost of the product. This is usually a short-term utility, so it is very relative.

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Practicing Economic Strategies

Key factors to measure competitiveness In order to evaluate, it is necessary to interact between the micro and macro results achieve. In both cases the By being a leader, you negotiate with suppliers, employees, banks, partners and others involve. This pact also applies to family life, because when you have children, you generally manage to establish influence over them by meiating fair deals. 12.Flexibility The leader Book Your list focuses on a final objective; therefore, he must have the flexibility to change plans as necessary until the goal is achieve. Technology changes rapidly, so what may be useful today may not work tomorrow. For this reason, innovative plans from his subordinates should be heard, pride aside. Every time a leader is flexible, he gets the sympathy of his group and reinforces his desire to work. 13.Worke He Shows deication to his job.

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