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Get information about the services. Integration with CRM systems (ArnoCrm, Bitrix). Impact on communication and sales Cloud PBX accelerates the work of the company and the spee of interaction with customers, which has a positive effect on sales. The company begins to receive 25% more calls. Automatic virtual PBX allows you to save the strength of operators to solve more complex tasks that require human intervention and save the company money. From now on, an intelligent computer system will be responsible for calling site visitors, which will take away your worries about technical issues. How to get a cloud PBX? This service is provide on the basis of long-term cooperation. On our website you can order a free test drive and get acquainte with the tariffs. To get a cloud PBX, just enter your contact details.

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In less than a minute, a manager will contact you to discuss the detail The use of 8800 and 8804 allows for the greatest coverage of customers, simplifying the company’s activities. We can say that they work for you by creating the image of a serious company with catchy, easily recognizable numbers. How can they be use? In companies for which it is important to organize communication with a customer base spread throughout Russia: Insurance companies Online stores Sales departments of large companies Technical support services Bulk SMS Bahrain Banks financial institutions Main properties: The use of these numbers allows you to reserve internal communication channels for better organization of the company’s work, which allows you to streamline the workflow and reuce the amount of time spent on interactions between different departments of the company.

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Numbers  and are not only convenient, but also free. Popularity with customers. The call is free, which means you receive more calls. You can call even with a zero account balance. Rooms are available around the clock. Their availability is an extremely Book Your list necessary property when organizing the image of a company open to customers. Convenience of tariffs. You pay only for the time spent on communication and not a penny more. The account will not be a surprise, you can familiarize yourself with it in the subscriber’s personal account.

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