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The connection of each new employee costs 1 ruble. Equip as many places as you nee. No limits. Call to any mobile long distance for 1.1 rubles per minute. The tariff plan “All Inclusive” makes communication more profitable for large companies. The package includes 1,000 free SMS and 20 workstations with SIMcards for mobile! The options of any IP telephony tariff plan include: “cloud” PBX voice mail call details detaile statistics intelligent call queue management IVR and forwarding list management applications for Windows , MacOS , Android and iOS round the clock technical supThis is a widget, clicking on which opens a special order form.

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It contains several lines. In them, the visitor leaves his contact information: name, surname, phone number and email address (optional). Data is entere into a common database, calls are automatically queue. You only nee to assign a task to an operator and start selling. Who can use the callback service The widget can be use on SMS Gateway Japan any site, regardless of the goods and services sold. We will not explain to entrepreneurs from the service sector how important it is to establish a “live” contact with the client. The callback in this case is the opportunity from which the deal grows. The service is successfully use by: real estate agencies companies providing legal and accounting services online stores telecom operators Small business entrepreneurs.

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You will not be able to specify absolutely all the information about the product on the site. And some of the misse details can be very important for the client. All doubtful points are clarifie as a result of a “live” conversation, which increases Book Your list the conversion of the site. Automate your business Process applications automatically, even on weekends and holidays. Let your employees rest the system will work independently. Imagine the situation: a potential client is studying your product on the site, which already expresses his interest. But he cannot call the office for various reasons: does not want to spend personal money on a call The visit took place during offhours no money on the phone is in a different time zone. This is not a reason to lose a client.

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