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All three retail chains in which. A I had the opportunity to build a training department from scratch, we implemente with the management the Standards for working with objections, resistances and negativity with customers (hereinafter referre to as. A the Standards) with ready-made scripts. If the mechanism for implementing these Standards is decompose into stages, then the following of them can be distinguishe: Stage 1. Conducting. A meetings in stores branches of the company with an explanation of the nee to create ready-made scripts for handling objections In meetings, sales managers are told in an accessible way what you read above. A about the interaction of the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex of the brain.

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The main idea that is important to convey to managers at these meetings is If you want to answer with a smile and not cause customer doubts, prepare answers in advance. But for this you nee to know what objections you face daily. That is why these meetings. A end with announcements that at the checkout of the store or in. A the department branch of the Bulk SMS Ireland company there will be a form (a regular sheet of A4 format) to record all customer objections that sales managers will hear within the next 14 days or that they heard earlier. Moreover, to increase staff involvement, it is important to ask managers to also write their own answers scripts to complex objections.

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To encourage them, you can announce that if they eventually see their answer script to one or another objection in the ready-made Standards, they will receive an incentive in the form of a gift card, a certain discount, etc. Stage 2. Daily reminders from directors and direct collection of objections Every day during the prescribe 14 days at the Book Your list morning meetings, store branch directors are reminde to fill out an objection form, which is fille out jointly. By the way, it is at this stage that it turns out that managers cannot work not only with some objections, but also with the negativity and resistance of buyers. Managers are not ready for such phrases from buyers as You don’t understand anything about the product.

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