Practicing the Prophet’s Sunnah in Modern Life

Prophet Muhammad Saw Has Left a Legacy of. A Way of Life and a Way of Thinking. That Has Been Carefully Recorded and Cared for by Family. Friends, and Scholars Throughout the Ages.

To Try to Follow His Lifestyle – Even in Smal.l Things Like the Way He Sleeps or Eats – is a Source. Of Spiritual Energy and Productivity.

In the Book Healing Body & Soul by Amira Ayad Gives. An Overview of the Strength Gained. As a Result of Following the Sunnah of the Prophet Saw.

Among the things shared from the book:

Once upon a time when the Muslim army was fighting against the Persian

Empire, the Muslims were defeated in the Phone Number List first few rounds of their battle.

So their commander, Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqas gathered his troops to reassess their resources and strength.

The Muslim army has a large number of soldiers and good resources.

So, what is their real problem?

Sa’ad concluded that this defeat must be God’s retribution for their sins.

So he instructed all of them to repent and ask for God’s forgiveness and to reassess if there was any sin they committed or worship they left behind.

However, he still insists, there must be an order from God and the Messenger that they left behind.

So they review every obligatory and non-obligatory worship, and all the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW to find their weak point.

All of them are good Muslims who have noble intentions and passion to fight the enemy

Phone Number List

Finally Sa’ad realized that they had neglected the Book Your List sunnah of ‘siwak’ or bersugi, which is to use tree roots as toothbrushes.

They do not use Siwak as the Prophet did before prayer.

If you are not sure of the function of each little knob and system on the spinning reel, then ask the shopkeeper.

That’s why they are there and don’t want to read the statement after returning home.

No one thinks you’re stupid if you ask what the button does, but isn’t it even more stupid if the reel is brought back just because you don’t know how to use it.

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