Run Retargeting Campaigns For Potential Leads

How often have you browsed online at Shopee and put an item in your shopping cart to leave it and move on to something else?

There are many reasons why a client may leave their shopping cart on Lazada without making a purchase, but most of them are unique to each customer. After all, this is a significant loss for eCommerce companies.

In particular, even after you have complete

your purchase on Daraz , you may start seeing advertisements for items in your shopping cart on Facebook. This is likely due to its Facebook advertising strategy known as remarketing.

Target audiences are already familiar with your brand because of your brand awareness campaigns, but they whatsapp mobile number list need the added impetus to buy or engage with your brand at this level. You can increase the likelihood that someone will buy from you on Facebook by tailoring your ad to the exact product page they visited.

When you’re ready to launch your Facebook retargeting campaign, follow these five simple steps. Please note that these instructions assume you have an existing Facebook business account.

Have a pixel code on your web page

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Without this Pixel, you can’t monitor who visits your website and their activity. This makes it difficult to show retargeting ads on Facebook.

→ Go to Facebook Ads Manager and select Audience
Audiences can be found in the drop-down menu when you select Business Manager in the top-left corner of the screen.

→ Select Custom Audience from the drop-down menu
You can find Create Audience in Book Your list the top left corner of the screen. For retargeting, we’ll use Custom Audiences, which allow us to create campaigns that target website visitors.

→ Select Site Traffic
You have several options available, but for retargeting, we will focus on website traffic to reach those who have visited your website.

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