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Interactive consultations are held to improve skills or clarify controversial issues and methods of treatment. Benefits of using IP-telephony for meical institutions Very often there is a nee to discuss controversial issues in treatment with colleagues from other regions, to exchange data, test results and others.As a result, virtual conferences allow: Improve qualifications Develop thoughtful and competent treatment Consult foreign patients. The competence and professionalism of foreign doctors is higher, the treatment methods and equipment are more modern and progressive. However, treatment abroad is not affordable for everyone.

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Therefore, patients are looking for all sorts of ways to save money and are more likely to call a local number than an overseas one. Going international At the initial stage, it is require to find contractors, create comfortable Bulk SMS Malaysia conditions for potential patients to move across the border, develop a multilingual website, Virtual PBX from MTT will allow you to significantly save on calls within Russia and the world. 2. We carry out free installation of equipment To connect IP-telephony, connect a virtual number and find employees who will talk with foreign clients. Connecting a virtual number is the first step towards developing a meical institution and attracting foreign patients.

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IP telephony services for meical centers The most relevant services that will help optimize the business process are as follows: Multi-channel virtual number Voice menu (IVR) Callback from the site (Callback). Connection and use of virtual telephony guarantee high-quality uninterrupte communication at any time of the day. And the multi-channel telephone line will allow you to process several calls at once. The “Voice menu” option eases the burden on the operator and helps the patient to independently connect with a specialize specialist. The implementation Book Your list of the feeback function is beneficial for both clients and clinic owners. For customers, this call is absolutely free. Callback will help create a positive image of the meical institution, increase the level of trust and loyalty of pati1. We offer competitive rates IP-telephony is strongly associate with the low cost of tariff plans. If you join the number of our subscribers, then this will indee be the case.

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