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Evaluation on the basis of Any rating scale must have at least 3 answer options. “Yes” and “no” are too categorical to evaluate any soft skills. At the same time, it is desirable to require mystery shoppers to write mandatory comments if the score is at least 1 point. A lower than the maximum possible. General impression No matter how thoughtful your checklist is, a mystery shopper will always have something extra to say. Therefore, be sure to add the column “Overall impression of visiting the store.” What to look for when accepting “mystery shoppers” The most common mistakes. A when hiring mystery shoppers are Interviews are held at the company’s office.

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In order for “mystery shoppers” to really remain “secret” they must be hidden. You can’t even imagine how many employees can be in the office who, out of the kindness of their hearts, are ready to “help” pets in the company’s stores / branches. This means that all interviews and training of mystery shoppers are carrie out outside SMS Gateway Norway the office. Assessing the qualities of a mystery shopper The most important of them are the following They must match your main target audience in terms of their demographic characteristics. The absence of unnecessary emotionality, which may interfere with objective assessments They must be responsible, attentive and sociable.

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They should have a good voice recorder (unless, of course, your company provides the appropriate headset itself). The last 2 signs are best teste by having a Mystery Shopper Candidate test run one of your stores. Penalties for dishonest checks It is better to prescribe a condition in the agreement with the mystery shopper in advance that if the recorder is illegible, or if the mystery shopper hands over the checklist without indicating Book Your list the. A name of the seller, then the corresponding check is not subject to payment. And I would also like to note the issue of wages for mystery shoppers. If we talk about Moscow,As a rule, I include in the cost of processing the questionnaire the same amount that was paid to the mystery shopper for one check.

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