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It should be note that the legislative acts also contain restrictions for subscribers. It is forbidden to carry out the process of installing new communications more often than once every 70 days. Important points in the transition process With MNP you get a more advance call forwarding feature. If we consider this with an example, then we can outline the process with a diagram: The client moves from “Firm No. 1” to “Supplier No. 2”. You become a subscriber of the last firm. He begins to use the second coverage area and tariffs. The MNP standard implies that the supplier has the right to refuse work, but may require additional payment in the form of compensatioeeral Full MVNO mobile operator.

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Aiva Mobile announces the start of sales of the new tariff plan “Privet” create in partnership with MTS PJSC in the retail network “”. The “Privet” tariff plan is designe specifically for tourists, entrepreneurs, representatives of ethnic communities and seasonal workers who come to Russia. Favorable calls home SMS Gateway Norway and within Russia are available for subscribers from Uzbekistan – from 1.35 rubles/min., China – from 1.30 rubles/min. and Tajikistan – from 1 rub./min. At the same time, calls within the Aiva Mobile network and to the numbers of the largest Russian operator MTS (in Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region) are absolutely free for subscribers of the Privet tariff plan. “We develope “Privet” specifically for our target audience.

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We see that our subscribers in Russia communicate more and more, their nees for tariff options are growing rapidly,” said the director of the business unit “MezhoperaTorskoe interaction “MTT Andrey Azhigirov  – Among the advantages of the “Privet” tariff plan are favorable rates for the most popular destinations among our Book Your list guests, 0 rub. for calls via the MTS network in the “home zone”, a call center with operators who speak the native languages ??of subscribers, and of course, a large amount of unique ethnic content.” Aiva Mobile is an independent mobile operator owne by OJSC MTT, intende for ethnic groups from various countries and using the network of PJSC MTS as a host provider of radio access.

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