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Aiva Mobile operates on the innovative DualSim technology (two numbers on one SIM card), which allows the subscriber to make calls at the rates of the “home network” abroad. Aiva Mobile subscriber base at the end of Q1 2017 was more than 100 thousand usAll made and receive calls to 8800 number are paid by the company. Consequently, attackers can try to inflict serious financial damage using IPtelephony channels. Such methods can be use by both unscrupulous competitors and dissatisfie customers, if they have certain technical knowlege. One of the loopholes for attacks is the presence of an IVR menu, the inclusion of which starts the billing of the conversation.

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Also  ill wishers can use a huge number of communication channels that a number of this format freely supports. The mechanics of the action of hackers is extremely simple. They use a large number of numbers to call the company, in order to clog communication lines as much as possible. The attacker calls, waits for the conversation Bulk SMS Slovakia to start and hangs up the call. If the purpose of such an event is to strike at the financial component of the company, then the hacker can act covertly for a long time. In ten minutes of such an attack, you can lose about 15 thousand rubles on communication services. And the attacks themselves can continue for a day or several days. How to protect yourself.

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In order to avoid large financial costs as a result of a hacker attack, it is necessary to take a number of actions that will help protect the company’s wallet. Among these actions, it is necessary to highlight the constant monitoring of call statistics. If the bill for communication services has unreasonably increase, then the first thing to do Book Your list is to study the statistics. Refer to call details and add intruder numbers to the black list. Pay attention to the number of lines use. If their number is significantly less than the number use, then it makes sense to limit them. Leave a few free lines in reserve, and limit the use of the rest. This will help to avoid massive attacks. Setting a daily spending limit will help minimize losses. Even if this measure cannot completely protect the accounts, at least you will not suffer extreme damage.

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