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Trustee by about 90% of active Internet users, and only a third of them trust advertising. One of my friends, who is engage in the manufacture of unique handmade wood products, decide to try promoting his products through advertising among bloggers. According to his observations, opinion leaders with the number of subscribers from 5 to 10 thousand worke best for sales. Geofencing Marketing in 2018 will follow the path of increasing segmentation of the target audience, identifying the nees and desires of almost every single person. Microtargeting has proven its effectiveness both during the election campaigns of American politicians and in the process of promoting goods and services of the world’s largest brands. And given the increasing opportunities for geofencing and differentiation of potential consumers, the possibilities of this technology are becoming almost unlimited.

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The PROST company in its practice uses this particular feature of Internet marketing to attract people with reference to specific offline places, such as cafes, restaurants and shops. Summarizing the above, I would like to note that 2018 opens up even wider prospects for modern marketing for information cooperation and SMS Gateway Lithuania communication with its consumers, while increasingly directing business to the expanses of social networks and mobile applications A delegation of MTT OJSC top managers took part in the prestigious European telecom forum Capacity Europe 2017 in London, where they presente new plans for the development of the company’s international business to the operator community.

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Within the framework of Capacity Europe 2017, the MTT delegation heade by Andrey Azhigirov, Director of the Interoperator Cooperation Business Unit , held a series of negotiations with existing and potential partners, and presente a new strategy for the European market to expand MTT’s activities in the international market Book Your list of transit and B2O services. The implementation of this strategy is entruste to the renewe international team of MTT Finland, which has recently been strengthene with sales offices in Helsinki and Rome, and a technical center in Frankfurt. “MTT Finland is actively negotiating with promising partners in Europe and has already conclude several deals with companies such as Intermatica, MOBIK, Carrier Italia.

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