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That is locate one inside the other. Having a vision of both, you can analyze the behavior at each point. Multivariate Control Process Charts Multivariate data is the result of collecting more than one continuous variable from the same production. the control graph is shape and compare with other samples. In case of not showing uniformity in the comparison, intervention must be made in the manufacturing processes.With this type of graph you can see the multiple parameters. A practical example of monitoring is the temperature and pressure of products derive from polyethylene.

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There are univariate and multivariate graphs. Before choosing randomly, it is best to create a correlation matrix between the collecte variables. In general, multivariate control charts are difficult to interpret relative to classical Shewhart charts. Control process charts by attribute They are made with counts of discords or defects. When there is no conformity, it is taken into account in quality controls. A unit may have several defects that nee Industry Email List to be analyze. Visible cases are usually small flaws in a piece. When a product has a scratch, it could be determine that its problem is minimal. On the other hand, if it has many, it is considere that the piece in general is non-conforming. To measure this, the following subtypes are use: 1.p chart The percentage of defects per lot is measure.

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If the sample is 10 products and one has a fault, the defective fraction will be 0.1. All graphs are represente with a face value. The resulting number is locate on the “Y” axis and future comparisons can be made. For example, if the sample is 1000 products and 50 of them have defects, the amount that will be place on the “Y” axis will be 50. With this type of graph it is possible to calculate in the long term if the number of defects goes Book Your list down or goes up each time a new sample is establishe. 3.Chart c In this case,The data collecte is known as the Poisson defect counts. graph In this case, fractions are not taken into account. Calculations are made for defective units in a collection.

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