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Differentiation as the key to gaining a competitive advantage Competing strategy focuse on a specific segment Competing strategies – which one to choose? Competing strategies are like a communication strategy – each company should choose the best one for itself. Without a competitive strategy, your business will struggle to attract customers. Unfortunately, there is no one strategy that works for everyone. Every company faces different challenges in different markets. However, Harvard professor Michael Porter has identifie three main types of competitive strategies that companies most often implement.

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With varying success. We recommend Strategic benchmarking – when will it come in handy? What are enterprise competition strategies? Competing strategies according to Porter are base on two types of activities. Companies decide to take database on the attack or defense. The goals may be different. Some companies want to maintain their position in a given sector or industry. Some companies may focus on obtaining a higher rate of profit. Others focus on successfully dealing with the five forces of competition, the entry of new competitors.


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The bargaining power of suppliers, the bargaining power of buyers, the threat of substitutes, and competition between firms operating in a given sector. A key element of the company’s environment is the sector in which it operates. The Book Your List intensity of competition in the sector is determine by these five forces. The impact of each is different depending on the type of economic sector and how mature it is. Porter distinguishe three traditional types of competitive strategy. They are cost leadership, differentiation and concentration. Theoretically, a firm could use all of these competitive strategies simultaneously. In practice, this is rarely effective.

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