What is the future of the Internet according to experts

The Internet fully entered our daily lives at the end of the 90s. Recently but in such a short time it has already revolutionized our existence. So much so that we wonder how the internet will evolve in the future . We don’t have a crystal ball to know, but experts in new technologies have their own predictions.

From the beginning we have associated the Internet with computers, but that definition has long been obsolete and now the Internet is also available for tablets, smartphones and many other devices that make our daily lives easier, such as vehicles and even refrigerators.

The future of the internet

In the future everyone agrees that this trend will increase in the future and we will begin to see the capacity. Network coverage will increase. Wireless networks will act as the primary access point for most devices. The buy phone lists machines that act as the Internet backbone will rely on high-speed physical connections capable of transmitting data at breakneck speeds. If in a few years we have gone from 2G to 5G, in the near future sending the equivalent of a Blu-ray disc full of data over a network in the blink of an eye will be the norm.

Some advances may seem like science fiction, but by 2050 many believe that by 2050 we could have eye implants that allow us to access the internet without the need for a screen. Even if we decide that altering ourselves is ethically questionable, we can achieve a similar effect simply by creating viewing capabilities in a pair of glasses. Google glasses are a good example of this.

The Internet in more devices and products

You could look around and activate a digital overlay that would provide you with a wealth of information about your surroundings. You can use this ability to perform mundane tasks, such as finding a restaurant to eat in or a place to park.

And what will happen to privacy in such a connected world? According to experts, it could be obsolete and private information could enter the public domain. Imagine being able to use the glasses we mentioned before to know all the information about the person traveling next to you Book Your List on the subway. In theory it would be possible thanks to the Internet and facial recognition software.

And you, how do you imagine the future of the Internet? Comments are open.

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