What is the right to health protection

When we talk about human rights, it is worth remembering that one of the most important rights is the right to health. In this post we tell you what this consists of and how it is protect around the world.

According to the WHO, the right to health protection is the of any person to achieve the highest level of health that can be achiev without distinction of race, religion, political ideology or economic or social condition. This  in turn protects various rights and freedoms.

Right to have access to a health protection system. That guarantees all citizens the same opportunities to enjoy the maximum level of health.
Freedom to control your health and your body without interference. That includes sexual and reproductive freedom or freedom to refuse treatment.

What is the right to health

The way that different governments protect this right to health is to guarantee health care, access to housing and food.

The WHO is not the telephonelists.biz only international organization that includes the right to health as one of the main human rights. For example, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights includes it in its article 25, which reads as follows:

Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and his family, including food, clothing, housing, medical care and necessary social services.

The same occurs in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, signed in 1966. This pact states the following in its article 12.

Right to health in human rights

The States Parties to the present Covenant recognize the right of everyone to the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health. Among the measures that the States Parties to the Covenant must adopt in order to ensure the full effectiveness of this right will include those necessary to:

The reduction of stillbirths and infant mortality and the healthy development of children
The improvement in all its aspects of work hygiene and the environment
The prevention and treatment of epidermal, endemic, occupational and other diseases and the fight against them
The Book Your List creation of conditions that ensure everyone medical assistance and medical services in case of illness. A right that is endorsed in many constitutions around the world. Including the European and Spanish ones.Proof of this is the increase in life expectancy.

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