Why is Universal Analytics upgrading to Google Analytics

After all, GA4 is a totally different tool than GA3 (or Universal Analytics), and the infrastructure ne to be update to make it more accessible with essential features and functionality. “ As the technology environment continues to evolve, the new Analytics has been design to be future proof with or without cookies or identifiers. It uses a more flexible approach to measurement, and in the future will include modeling to fill gaps in data that may be incomplete, ” according to Google. Why is it necessary to configure GA4 now? GA4 is a whole new model of analytics, so businesses ne to start backing up their historical data before the change in analytics properties takes place on July 1, 2023. If you want the transition to be as As smooth as possible for your business, you’ll ne to start familiarizing yourself with the new data model and dashboard right away.

Why should you get excited about GA4

What would happen if my business did not migrate to GA4? If a GA4 property is not creat for your website or app by early 2023, the analytics setup wizard will automatically create one for you with key features that will match your existing AU properties. The next time you log into your Google Analytics account, you will see a notification. Of Mexico Phone Number Data course you can opt out of further optimization in the setup wizard or via the notification banner. But to tell you the truth, it is important that you know that the data collection process of GA4 differs from UA, so it is important that you know that the historical data of UA will not be import to the property for GA4 creat by the configuration wizard.  these aspects.

As a result it is very important that you create

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GA4 property before the early 2023 deadline to ensure that all historical data is captur and that you can properly customize GA4 to your nes. The deadline for setting up your year-over-year (YoY) reports has pass (June 30, 2022), so if you haven’t set up your GA4 correctly or back up your Book Your List historical data, you’re likely to lose even the most important information from YoY, the cost of which can be important to your reports, especially if your business is very seasonal. “ The sooner you migrate, the more historical data and insights you’ll have in Google Analytics 4 ”. It is essential to pay attention to some important dates: June 30, 2022 was the last day to enable GA4 for YoY reporting. Starting July 1, 2023, UA Standard Properties will no longer accept new data, and previously collect data will become “read-only.

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