Your good relationship will only make

When you make friends, what secrets will you tell them? The most common secret is bad things about someone. However, what you think is confession is actually leakage. You treat him with the utmost sincerity and tell him all your problems, but can you be sure that he will keep his mouth shut 100%? Even if you tell him ten things and he only tells one, such as bad things about your colleagues, it is enough to make you drink a pot.

If your relationship is getting better and better.  both parties more uncomfortable when benefits appear. For example, when there is only one vacancy for promotion, you and he are both competitors. At this time, can you still have dinner together peacefully? If the person eating with you is actually thinking about how to get rid of you, how can you still eat? In addition, if one of the two gets promoted, then the other will be the loser, and it will be more awkward when they meet.


This is not what the boss wants to see

In the eyes of the boss, the better the  Canada Phone Number List elationship between colleagues, the more likely it is that they will form a group to keep each other warm. Moreover, the boss pays you to work, not to make friends. Especially if your boss or supervisor sees you chatting during work hours, even if you think it is just taking 5 minutes to take a break and chat during a long work day, in the eyes of the boss, you are absent from work, which will affect work efficiency.

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 A good relationship can also become a burden

When your relationship is getting better and better, not only will you complain to him, he will also complain to you. If he is a very dependent person, he will always want Book Your List to talk to you, but you are too embarrassed to refuse him because of your good relationship. In the end, this relationship will become a burden to you. The worst thing is that when one day you can’t stand it anymore and refuse his confession, your relationship will become strained, and you will feel awkward when you meet in the company.

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