10 mistakes not to make on Instagram

Incorrect use of social media can be fatal for your business. Find out which moves are best avoided on Instagram so as not to lose your followers. According to the Digital 2019 analysis . in Italy, there are 35 million active users on social media, 59% of the total population. The average time spent scrolling through posts and writing comments is almost 2 hours a day . It is clear, therefore, how much these channels have entered. our daily lives and how important they are for the communication strategy. of every brand, including yours. On the podium of the most used social networks. we find YouTube and Facebook, followed, in third position, by Instagram.

10 mistakes to avoid to avoid losing followers on Instagram

“Being there” is the golden rule for a crowded and fast-use channel like instagram. New Database It is essential to publish content. Regularly and avoid disappearing for weeks or, worse, months. Interaction with your followers must be continuously stimulated with new. Interesting and engaging posts. We have just said, constant presence on the channel. Is important, but let’s remember that the focus in a good . Communication strategy must be the content. In your priorities, quantity should be secondary to quality . Evaluate how much and what you have to say. And based on these factors choose the best publication frequency. It’s not worth posting content that isn’t effective for your target audience. Just to appear on the home page. Posting a few well-targeted and intriguing photos or videos. Is certainly the preferred move.

Underestimate visual quality

Instagram is the most visual social network in the entire digital world. Book Your List  So why do we tend not to pay enough attention to the quality and aesthetics of the images posted? Read also: images and videos on social media: updated dimensions Let’s understand: “The eye wants its part” in this case is a euphemism. There are studies that monitor instagram trends. And try to identify a model of capture-like photos. Social media specialist dan zarrella analyzed instagram . Audience reactions to different types of posts and concluded that: The photos without any type of filter are the ones that collect the greatest number of likes; Images with desaturated colors receive 5 times more appreciation; The winning shades are the cold ones . In particular blue and green, while the warm tones such as yellow, orange and pink are convincing.

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