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You do not need any external hardware   to access the tool. You can record the episode on Google Hangouts, , and Skype. Have you and your guest on two separate audio tracks, edit and mix them in Hindenburg. Price: $390 and up Auphonic Professional level audio optimization If you need a tool that improves the audio quality of your podcast, you should go for . By applying machine learning, the tool allows you to adjust the audio of your podcast and customize the output files. Auphonic comprises of an adaptive leveler, which adds consistency to the volume so that the audio isn’t too loud or soft on patches.

Hosting statistics and advanced podcasts

Having a podcast is not enough. You also need to know how you are performing. With  you can track metrics like the device or platform your audience uses new database  to listen to your podcast, the episodes they liked the most, the demographics and geographies your podcast attracts, etc. Receive personalized reports (with metrics you want to track) and daily email summaries you can trust to grow your podcast even further. If your podcast site is on WordPress, you can use the Powerpress plugin to use Blubrry. In addition, the tool is RSS compatible, offers no-fault, no-overage storage, and unlimited bandwidth. Although it may be too advanced for beginners, it has excellent customer support that you can benefit from.

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Podcast analytics and attribution

What’s the point of running a podcast if you’re not reaching your target audiences or increasing revenue? Eliminate this problem with the help of  They are two Book Your List  cutting-edge tools. Smart Links, for example, helps determine which marketing channels are driving listener growth with a crawlable URL that routes listeners to your podcast in their apps. Smart Promos, on the other hand, will help you find the most effective audio channels to grow. The tool also allows you to track your podcast’s ratings and reviews, on a weekly or daily basis, across various directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Breaker, and Stitcher.

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