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Which harmed them in the job market. With new technologies. It was possible to build a digital educational environment that offers more flexibility and new possibilities for this audience. In Brazil, the modality of distance education is regulated by specific legislation. And can be implemented in basic education (youth and adult education. Secondary technical professional education) and in higher education. Also read: What is special and inclusive education and how to act in the area. What changes has distance learning brought to society? Distance education has had a profound impact on society, allowing students from all over the world to have more study opportunities — especially when we refer to higher education.

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To dedicate themselves exclusively to their studies after completing high school. In this way, it was very common for young people to enter the job market directly and leave the dream of college aside. After all, living Japan Phone Number Data costs should be prioritized to the detriment of studies Fortunately, with distance learning, this reality has been changing. With online classes, students can reconcile work and study, having the flexibility to watch content whenever and wherever they are. This possibility made it possible for many young people to enter higher education and qualify. Through distance learning, society has been gaining more and more specialized professionals with greater.

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And Development (OECD) , in Brazil, professionals with higher education earn more than twice as much as those who have only completed high school. Having a higher education diploma guarantees Brazilians an average salary 144% above those who finished high school, according to the OECD. That is, education offers more possibilities for economic and social Book Your List ascension to the population. Distance learning is an important part of these transformations by offering a more accessible educational modality. Find out how many undergraduate courses there are in Brazil! How important is it for teachers and educators to learn about new technologies? As noted in the previous topics, distance learning is a modality.

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