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Therefore, teaching these skills is fundamental for Interpret the information and everyone. Literacy and literacy usually take place at school, right in the first years of school life. However, there are also processes to teach literacy to adults who did not learn to read during school age. According to data from the Functional Literacy Indicator (Inaf) , released in 2018, 29% of the Brazilian population is functionally illiterate, having difficulties interpreting and applying texts and performing simple mathematical operations in everyday life. According to the study, the class of functional illiterates is divided into two groups: the absolute, 8%, who cannot read words or phrases and telephone numbers, for example, and the rudimentary, 21%, who have difficulty identifying irony and sarcasm.

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Operations such as calculating money. Functional illiterates are people who have had deficient literacy and literacy processes throughout their lives. This situation causes several losses, making it difficult to enter the job market UAE Phone Number Data and making it impossible to access certain sources of leisure, such as literature, for example. In this way, we can conclude that literacy and literacy are fundamental processes to have a full life in society. Read also: What does it take to be a good literature teacher? Find out how many undergraduate courses there are in Brazil! What are the prerequisites for working with literacy and literacy? Pedagogues are the most qualified professionals to work with the learning processes of reading and writing.

Graduates of the course are qualified

To work in early childhood education, in the first years of elementary school and also in Youth and Adult Education (EJA) classes. Literacy and literacy are among the main activities carried out by pedagogues. It is no wonder that many professionals seek to deepen their knowledge in the subject by taking a postgraduate course in the area. Graduate school is a Book Your List great way to specialize and deeply understand the processes that involve reading and writing. In the following topic, we bring more information about postgraduate studies in Literacy and Literacy. What is the post-graduation in Literacy and Literacy like? The postgraduate course in Literacy and Literacy aims to deepen educational professionals in the didactics of the literacy and literacy process.

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