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There are government leaders elected by popular will to ensure that the basic needs of the population are covered. In each team there is a leader who has the necssary training to make all the work work. Guiding others more than being a quality with which one is born is something that is adopted. During life, leadership is exercised at a social, family, educational and profssional level. Society in general needs leaders capable of helping joint progrss, in this case there are public servants and politicians. At the family level, it is understood that the person who helps to maintain harmony at home (father or mother, siblings, etc.) are the leaders of the home. The same thing usually happens in educational stablishments,People who are part of management and leadership positions must have the following basic qualitis: 1.Vision A leader has a very clear vision capacity.

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This quality is found within the characteristic, focusing on the objectivs and not on the effort that he must put in to achieve it.The 17 Qualitis Developed in Leadership There are several models of leadership ; but they are all based on the same attributs. In the countris,The qualitis of leaders are countlss because they Bulk SMS Service in Sri Lanka relate to a personal and profssional level.  I mean, his dream is always long-term. The leader’s vision is oriented towards advancing corrections to prevent problems and detect opportunitis for growth. 2.Action Staying in. A constant motion is part of the daily life of a leader. The objectivs always point to a new goal and do not take your eys off it until you see it achieved. Persistence is what allows you to achieve succss.

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While many people dream, but do not act, the principal works until his goal coms true. 3. Command capacity Every leader bass his leadership levels by focusing on conviction . In other words, he thinks of himself and his peers, for this reason, he knows how to exercise authority. The leader, far from being authoritarian, is an Book Your list understanding person. Abut not soft, because this means that he dos not exercise rspect over others. Without the need . Ato mistreat, yell or abuse his power, the leader maks the groups work because his instructions are clear and concise.

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