Keys to the design of a health or clinic website

The corporate website is the image of your company on the Internet and since many of the patients who come to your door will know you through it, it is important that you take care of it. If you are not sure how to design your clinic’s website, don’t miss these keys to designing a healthcare website.

Web design has a series of unwritten rules on how to make a page. Furthermore, each sector has its own rules. It is not the same to make a website for a dental clinic as for a clothing store, for example.

In the case of websites related to the health sector clinics, hospitals, medical websites it is advisable to take the following aspects into account.

How to design a health sector website

Marketing professionals have known the basics of color psychology for years. The colors of a website influence the usa phone number list user’s mood and determine the perception of the site. On a health website the main tone should be white, a color that is associated with tranquility, comfort and healing.

As complementary colors, blue, green or pink are recommended, better in their lighter tones. They will convey the image of comfort that you yourself want for your consultation.

For the purposes of usability the ease with which a user can use a website it is important that the texts look good. To do this, the color of the text must contrast with the background very easy if you use black text and a white background, and legible typography must be used.

The font size must be appropriate

Experts do not recommend that there be more than six options on the website menu. The main objective of the menu is to facilitate navigation through the site, allowing the user to reach any corner in the fewest number of clicks. With this in mind, each menu option should make it clear what the destination page is.

Accessibility is adapting to the needs of people with difficulties seeing, hearing, moving or understanding complex information. For a website to be accessible, it must include alt tags in all images this tag gives a textual description of the image or include subtitles in the videos, among other recommendations.

Finally, it is not a good idea for health sector websites to include ads or other forms of third-party advertising. Users may doubt the thoroughness of a post if they believe it is trying to promote something.

It is important that the Book Your List website has a neat appearance since, as we said at the beginning, it is a fundamental part of the company. It is best to hire a professional designer to ensure a good design. And you, do you already have a website for your clinic.

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