So comparing results across markets is a very common mistake. A 70% rejection rate may be acceptable for one type of website, but a very high. Rejection rate for another website in a different niche. Google Analytics itself has a tool to compare similar websites. Which provides a basis for what considered normal based on measured behavior in a segment. Interpretation of indicators varies depending on what needs to be quantified. So there no standard formula to illustrate.

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Your best bet is specialized  to understand the tools available and. The theory behind each tool. LinkedIn Business Marketing and Your Choices Contrary to what many whatsapp mobile number list people think, business marketing on LinkedIn also has its place. Makes sense. Since LinkedIn is the largest professional relationship platform on the planet, why shouldn’t companies also have a strong presence in this medium? The problem with creating a business marketing strategy on LinkedIn is  compliance with LinkedIn’s original proposal, which is to incorporate the ethos of.

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The network, the growth of a professional network.  options for small businesses and large corporations, but you need to know the right way to avoid networking Book Your list problems. The difference between LinkedIn and other social media Unlike most horizontal social networks, where user behavior not guided by any kind of code or procedural rules, LinkedIn, as a vertical social network (segmented by topic or interest), has its own code of behavior and camp.