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Also to the “fundamentals” that make the Digitization of a company possible, that is, the strategy that guides the company. Organizational Digitization , on the other hand , allows you to “design” a business model , the offer, adapt to the user experience and increase the productivity of the team. The digital change does not affect the individual processes of the company, but the business models, the culture and the various strategies that guide and facilitate the adaptation of the processes to the digital environment. Types of organizational digitization Organizations involved in the Organizational Digitization process tend to focus all their efforts on one area, such as operations, without considering that there are different types of digitization. Process transformation This is probably the most important, because it encompasses the rest and is related to digitization at an operational and technical level.

Functions Of Organizational Culture

This type of Organizational Digitization aims to improve the quality of internal processes and reduce costs. It can be implemented in any area of ​​the company that needs to optimize its processes with digital tools. Therefore, an example of the digitization of personnel could be the use of an electronic signature solution to improve the Bulk SMS France management of employment contracts. Change in business models Organizational Digitization means in many cases a fundamental change in business. This applies to companies that reinvent themselves thanks to technology to transform their product or service or radically change the way they sell it. Market or industry change If digital transformation means taking advantage of new opportunities in technology, this type of Organizational Digitization is the best representative of this idea.

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The Functions Of Organizational Culture

Organizational Digitization is the beginning of a company that invests in a new market segment or expands directly into other areas, as giants like Red Bull or Amazon have done . Change in organizational culture Process Digitization is not just about the inclusion of technologies, but essentially also about redefining business goals, workflows, and employee mindsets. In short, digital changes always require cultural changes at the Book Your list organizational level. Benefits of Organizational Digitization The impact of Organizational Digitization offers a series of benefits for companies that improve internal performance and the relationship with customers. Here are some of them: Improve employee satisfaction: Thanks to digital transformation, employees become more productive and operational efficiency improves.

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