Aggressive Characters Are Not Tolerate

If his methods to instill values ​​and beliefs are not clear enough, the results start to be negative. In the organizational culture of leadership, a climate of continuous competition is generate. axiological culture In the axiological culture, values ​​are establishe and then work relationships. The axiological elements of organizations imply that employees must comply with moral, ethical, aesthetic and spiritual values. The axiological organizational culture focuses on socio-productive activities of sustainable social scenarios. These types of companies not only seek well-being for themselves, Among them, the following can be highlighte: History Values beliefs Managers’ personalities 2.on the contrary, Explicit visible elements These are the ones in charge of explaining how and why things are done in one way or another.

Each Company Uses Its Own Degree

They include rules and regulations Behaviors rites and ceremonies symbols events Idioms communications system 3. Implicit visible elements These are those values ​​that explain why a company behaves in one way or another. Within these elements the personal feelings of each member are value. These include: Traditions Behavior performance standards Strategies and tactics management style management practices anecdotes and legends Values ​​promote in the organizational culture The organizational culture Bulk SMS Hong Kong must have as its central mechanism the positive values ​​that make every company achieve its goals. These values ​​are the following: Productivity Compliance Trust Rationality Motivation Creativity Discipline Innovation The application of these values ​​leads to the acquisition of a mentality focuse on doing things well and also on making the most of the opportunities that arise to maintain competitive advantages with respect to the competition.

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A Sense Of Innovation And Creativity

How to establish a correct organizational culture within a company? Cultures and organizations are born naturally. However, the success or failure of these depends on planning that is relate to the results you expect. Whenever you want to establish a good culture take into account the following:  Promote actions that involve all Book Your list the staff (employees are the best ambassadors of the company and therefore they are the ones who transmit the good organizational culture) After someone knows the definitions, importance and basic elements that make up a good organizational culture.

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