SEO trends 2019: ranking factors to position your site

Backlinks, user experience, mobile version and much more. What are the 2019 seo trends according to industry professionals? Let’s find out about them in this investigation. Seo changes from year to year . New algorithms are released and others are updated to make search engines. Increasingly more efficient and powerful. Also in 2019, digital coach conduct investigations. On digital marketing, to collect data and current trends in the sector . Which are used in italy by web agency professionals and freelancers. Have you ever heard of it? Let’s find out what it is.

The 2019 SEO trends survey

With the seo trends 2019 research . Now in its third year, Special Data digital coach investigated . The progress of some ranking factors . To understand how they are evolving. The survey involved 239 professionals specialized in 4 areas : Seo specialist ; Web marketer , I.E. Someone who uses sem and ppc in addition to seo; Social media marketer , that is, someone dedicated to social media marketing. Community management and digital pr; Digital marketer , those who use both web and social strategies. Over 70% of the people involved belong to web agencies or are freelancers . Demonstrating that seo-related skills are typically in the hands of specialists. Regardless of whether they work in an agency or on their own.

What are the 2019 SEO ranking factors?

The history of seo is linked to the world of backlinks. Book Your List  For this reason, it was asked how much backlinks could weigh on the topic . Considering quality links and excluding “Junk” links. The average score obtained is 4.09 . Therefore the backlinks were assigned the relevance class a , I.E. The highest. The use of semantics, therefore of related words . Synonyms and abbreviations, is a debated topic. In recent years it has been the factor that, by all accounts. Had the greatest opportunity to take the place of backlinks. With a score of 3.82 it takes on a relevance class of b.

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