Cheap For The Subscriber Company

They quickly fix problems without harm to your business. Accurate analytics Record and save all conversations with clients on our servers. All information is available for study around the clock, you can view it in your Personal Account. Thanks to this option, you will be able to resolve conflict situations, find errors in the work of operators for the purpose of further training, and display statistics for reports. Rich functionality Use flexible settings to tailor communications to your company’s nees. You can call back and call from the site, online conferences, interactive menus and much more. You do not nee to buy expensive equipment to organize the work of IP-telephony in the company.

From All Cities At Once

In addition, virtual PBX is a reliable solution that is available from any device. And branches of the MTT company are open throughout the country, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. We are always ready to help our customers, whether it is setting up services, equipment or solving technical issues. We are always therWhat gives the voice Bulk SMS Myanmar menu Improving the company’s image in the eyes of customers and partners It doesn’t matter how many people work in the organization. A recorde voice greeting is guarantee to create the feeling that you have calle a reputable and large company.

Buy Bulk SMS Service

It Is Free For The Client

Constant availability Absence of an employee from the workplace due to illness, vacation, etc. is the risk of losing a client who has remaine unanswere. The voice menu (IVR) is able to work simultaneously with an unlimite number of calls. Reucing response time The client will no longer wait for a long time for the response of the operator, who will connect him with the necessary employee. Instead, he will independently select the Book Your list menu item that he nees. Detaile call statistics The voice menu service will set up and show you complete and detaile statistics on calls made per day, week or month, pre-sorte by each department. In this way, you can accurately determine the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

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