The 10 best blogs for doctors in Spanish

Traditionally, doctors have been seen as people who are not very fond of new technologies. A topical vision that fortunately is lost over time. A good example of this is the proliferation of medical blogs on the Internet. Health professionals can obtain valuable information from these sites. That’s why we share with you a list of the best blogs for doctors in Spanish.

Blogs for doctors
Doctutor is a medical education newsletter endors by the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine SEMFYC. Online since 2010, this periodical covers Medical Education and training resources for health professionals, and has plenty of useful tools for doctors.

From the cinema to the hospital

This blog, creat and maintain by primary care doctor Rafael Bravo, advertises itself as a blog about medicine, primary care and much more. A good place for both doctors and patients. It also has the recognition of being one of the us phone number list first health blogs in Spain.

Primary Care
Blog created by a group of primary care doctors and primary care pediatricians from the Madrid Health Service. In his own words, the blog is aim at commenting on organizational aspects of work, news for the profession, scientific aspects and other less serious ones.
Community Health
A reference blog dedicated to everything that has to do with public and community health. Its manager is Rafael Cofiño, an Asturian family doctor. It is quite active, with practically daily updates.

This site is aimed at future doctors

PAPPS Educatio
This is a blog launch by a group of doctors belonging to the Health Education and Health Promotion group of the PAPPS Program of Preventive Activities and Health Promotion of the semFYC Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine. Here they talk of health education, with reviews of articles, alerts, documents, etc.

Behind this particular name lies one of the most recognized blogs in the health blogosphere. That is, medical students. Written by Oscar Parra, the blog reviews the day-to-day life of the Book Your List race, as well as medical dissemination and other things.

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