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It’s your job to fulfill those expectations without question. small business blogging Also, when you consistently publish new content on a regular basis, you have a higher potential of driving search traffic and social meia traffic to your blog. Each new blog post opens up a new door that will bring in more visitors to your site. These people are already intereste in what you’re writing about, so converting them into customers will be. A lot easier and efficient. In order to see real results from your small business blogging, don’t just blog when you have something important to say.

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Try to come up with as many post ideas as possible so that you have an inventory of blog post topics to write about. This will also help you publish more blog content on a per week basis. According to research conducte by Hubspot, companies that publish more than 16 blog posts per month (or 4 posts per week)manage to generate 4.5x more leads compare to those who only publish 0 to 4 posts per month. small business blogging Bulk SMS USA impact This doesn’t mean you are allowe to publish bad content just for the sake of hitting high numbers. Decide what level of consistency you are comfortable with and stick to it. Live up to your readers’ expectations, get them to trust you, and you’ll end up selling more of your products. Here are three real ways how blogging consistently can help you generate more sales: Keep Readers Loyal Since people have a fleeting attention span, you can’t expect to be inconsistent.

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If you vanish from your blog for a long time, your readers will move on, which can have an impact on your sales. Long absence can lead to losing readers and their loyalty. Remember, loyal readers often correlate with loyal customers. Grow Your Book Your list Authority There’s a reason why people buy products recommende by an authority. Building authority takes time and effort, which people respect. You can’t buy authority off the shelf which makes it rare. Publishing great content consistently makes you the go-to-authority in your niche.

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