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 For that reason, in this post I Unlock Product am going to tell you how I do it and what tools I usually use to do it. And doing keyword research does not consist of entering a keyword into a tool and taking the ones that have the most searches. To be effective, this work must be much more artisanal . Come with me: I’m going to explain to you step by step how to execute it. Article index 1 Before we start… 2 Ways to do keyword research step by step 2.1 Basic keyword research 2.2 Keyword semantic research 2.2.1 Tip: get the headers of your content from your competitors 2.3 Keyword research of the competition Before starting.

To be effective this Unlock Product work must be much more artisanal

Before we get into the matter, there category email list are some things that you should take into account before starting the process and one of them is the correct definition of keyword research. I insist: doing keyword research is not about copying a list of keywords provided by an SEO tool in two minutes . Anyone knows how to do that and that doesn’t mean “it’s an SEO doing keyword research.” Definition of Keyword Research A keyword research process or keyword search consists of finding the words, keywords, concepts or terms necessary for our.

keyword research will consist of finding the longest

SEO purpose. Sometimes keyword Book Your List research will consist of finding the keywords with the most searches, for example, because we have a client with an authoritative website that is a sector leader and we know that it will rank anything. In other cases, keyword research will consist of finding the longest long tails, and therefore easier to position, and which in turn have a residual amount of searches, for example, when we start a niche and we do not have authority. There are as many types of keyword research and ways to carry it out as there are cases in SEO. But the basis of this practice is to normally use SEO tools to detect the best keyword opportunities according to our needs and context.

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