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Users with amount of aid in the case of distribution networks cannot the difference between eligible costs and operating profit. Operating profit is deduct from eligible costs ex ante or through a claw-back mechanism. Eligible costs The eligible costs in the case of the distribution network are investment costs. Eligible costs for a production plant are the additional costs necessary to build. Expand and renovate one or more generating units. In order to operate them as an energy-efficient district heating and cooling. System compare to a traditional production plant.

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The investment is an integral part of an energy-efficient heating and cooling system. Investment aid for the promotion of energy from renewable sources is a special type of public aid grant only for new installations. The aid is independent of production. Investment aid for the production of biofuels is exempt from the notification requirement only Photo Retouching to the extent that the aid investments are intend to produce sustainably produce biofuels that are not biofuels produce from food crops. Aid shall not be grant for biofuels which are subject to a supply obligation or an obligation to use as a blender. Aid is not grant for hydroelectric power plants. Aid limit and intensity.

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The limit for investment aid for the promotion of energy from renewable sources is EUR million. The aid intensity is: % of the eligible costs if the eligible costs constitute the total investment costs; % of eligible costs – in other cases. The aid intensity may be increase by % for aid to small enterprises and by % for aid to medium-size enterprises. The aid intensity Book Your List may be increase by % or % for investments carrie out in assist areas which respectively meet the conditions set out in Article section letter a) and c) of the Treaty. Eligible costs Eligible costs include additional investment costs necessary to promote the production of energy from renewable sources.

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