What are the best medical schools in Spain

You may be at that point where you leave behind the quiet life of high school to embark on the adventure of being a university student. Or that you know someone close to you who is going through that process. There are several issues to take into account before deciding to pre-register at one center or another, such as the cut-off grade and your average grade on your transcript, whether the study program fits your needs, or the specialties that are offer. taught in each of them.

One of the most in-demand careers in our country is medicine, which can currently be pursu in a large number of universities, although not all of them have the same prestige and recognition. So, which are the best medical schools in Spain.

Best medical schools in Spain

There are many studies carri out on the characteristics and results that a student obtains when entering a specific university. The strange thing, and surprising at the same time, is that most buy telemarketing call list studies agree when it comes to reaching the conclusion of which are the best medical schools in Spain .

How is the ranking made?
To prepare this list, What are the best the different studies take into account parameters such as teaching performance, research performance and the results of innovation and technological development.

With all this data, a list appears to take into account with the best universities to study medicine in Spain:

1. University of Barcelona
This faculty has managed to place itself in first place in the ranking and become the best in Spain to study medicine. Factors such as academic reputation, the reputation of employees and the impact of their research have been decisive for their situation on the podium.

Percentage of job placement of the Degree in Medicine

2. Autonomous University of Madrid
It is one of the most prestigious centers in Spain for its medical studies in terms of the quality of the classes, the  professionalism of What are the best its teachers and the level of demand of the students. Students not only manage to get good grades, but also come out prepared to face the world of work.

3. Autonomous University of Barcelona
Traditionally, this university has been the most recognized for medical studies. Students from this faculty tend to achieve higher grades when taking the MIR.

4. University of Navarra
Leaving aside the large cities of our country, the University of Navarra sneaks into the ranking. It has gained prestige thanks to the Book Your List level of its students, who stand out for their grades in the MIR test. As it is a private center, it must be taken into account that the price of the credit is higher than that of other public universities.

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