When can biometric data be processed

When can biometric rights in the event of accidents at work Issues relat to accidents at work are regulat in a special act dicat to this issue, the Act on social insurance in respect of accidents at work and occupational diseases. In art. of this Act, you can read the definition of an accident at work: An accident at work is consider a sudden event caus by an external cause, resulting in injury or death. Below we describe some of the circumstances consider to constitute an accident at work The following events qualify as an accident at work.

During or in When can biometric connection

With the employee’s ordinary activities or orders from superiors, during or in connection with the employee’s performance of activities for employers, even without instructions, while the employee remains at the employer’s disposal on the way between the philippines photo editor employer’s register office and the place of performance of the obligation arising from the employment relationship An accident suffer by an employee is also consider an accident at work: during a business trip, unless the accident was caus by the employee’s conduct which is unrelat to the performance of the tasks entrust to him, during general self-defense training, when performing tasks assign by.

The employer's trade unions

Other circumstances that may be consider an accident at work in accordance with the regulations are describ in the Act Basis for the payment of accident benefits The Act on the social insurance system lists the group of people who must be cover by accident insurance. The employer has a statutory obligation to pay accident insurance contributions, the amount of Book Your List which depends on occupational hazards and the frequency of accidents, as well as the number of employees register for accident insurance. People who have had an accident are entitl to accident benefits. The payment of benefits in this respect is the responsibility of the contribution payer or ZUS.

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