Why Include GIFs in your Digital Marketing Strategy

Giphy offers best practices for creating GIFs including limiting content to less than 6 seconds, keeping uploads to 100MB, and using less than 100 frames to preserve content when rucing size or formatting. Therefore, and taking this information into account, how can you use GIFs as part of your digital marketing strategy? Tutorials and recommendations for the use of GIFs What do you prefer, reading instructions or watching a tutorial that shows you how to do something? From banana muffin recipes to applying Adele-style eyeliner, instructional videos are the fastest way to learn how to do anything. And while GIFs are not videos, they can definitely be us as very short videos without audio. Its brief nature will make you think about the most concise way to communicate the content in your tutorial.

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Each GIF frame should reveal a new step. Best of all, if the viewer misses something, the content will automatically reappear in a few more seconds as a loop of GIFs. With almost 100 frames at your disposal with a lot of information that you can display. Presentation of team members GIFs Iran WhatsApp Number Data can be an easy way to share information about your company’s culture, values, and people. Is your company passionate about shoes or teaching? Are there colleagues who get emotional when talking about their favorite topic? Please consider using this content to design GIFs to add to your emails or other marketing materials. Your passion will be best convey without words and will make your brand followers fall in love.

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Does your organization collaborate with another group on any public projects? Use GIFs to introduce the team and share the goal of the project with the public. An interesting GIF that . Repeats itself over and over again grabs the user’s attention and . Prevents them . From scrolling through content. Put the focus on Book Your List your product Use GIFs as part of your social mia strategy to put the spotlight on your products. Do you sell yoga pants? A GIF with slow yoga movements and a beautiful environment might surprise and grab the viewer’s attention. Presenting household cleaning supplies may not be the most exciting thing, but with a little creativity and good humor, it could well be transform into a fast-moving GIF to share.

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