Will digital expansion lead to a revolution in the media

The digital revolution in which we have been immersed for several years has motivated a constant process of change within the communication sector. Proof of this is the accessibility to information that we have today compared to what we had at the beginning of the century. Furthermore, events as impactful as the pandemic have motivated a change in consumer behavior and their way of relating to the media and technology themselves. Under this concept, ZIZER and have organized an event with the aim of analyzing this constant digitalization process in which we are immersed.

The digital expansion

The process of digital expansion top industry data is already an unstoppable reality. The forms of media consumption have experienced constant evolution. Motivated by technological advances and social situations derived from events such as the pandemic. For the first time. The current context places us in a moment in which there is a great digital past. Which raises a new perspective in which innovation is conditioned by all that past progress. For this reason. Carlos Fernández explains that in the digital world “it is necessary to learn a lot. But it is also important to unlearn.”

The renewal of the media in this digital revolution

The enormous amount of podcast Book Your List productions and audio content has put an endless catalog on the table. Jaime del Solar defends the importance of making quality content when launching podcasts. Without prioritizing the need to generate productions for the simple fact of increasing activity. Marta Aguado. Who works at Komvida. Where they have launched a podcast on well-being. Subscribes to this opinion. Defending the importance of finding an attractive product. “I’m not going to do a podcast about Kombucha.

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