You can have the source version

Click it to access the menu that gives you the link to the cached copy. How to look in google’s cache, example on my social web. It is the memory version of the web page, the document that google has in its possession. The interval between one scan and another depends on many reasons (see crawler budget) but if you need to recover an old web page this delay can be useful. You can copy the text and images from the version that precedes the changes. Obviously this solution cannot be used.

This way you have an extra seo tool

To find pages that are many weeks or even years old. After the spider passes you have to use other ways to recover old pages. Various seo b2b leads advantages of caching the interesting aspect of google caching: in addition to discovering the old web page, with the text and multimedia contents previous to several saves. You can have the source version (the html code) and the textual version of a resource. This way you have an extra seo tool and find out what google sees regardless of the rules imposed by the graphic aspect.

As the name itself suggests

See a site as it was before to discover previous versions of a portal or a blog you can use a fascinating tool archive. Way Book Your List back machine. As the name itself suggests, on this service you will find a lot of content published on the internet. There is also a kind of time machine that allows you to see a website in the past. How to take advantage of this caching feature? Internet time machine way back

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