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Here you can study the efficiency of working with calls, segment data for analysis. Affordable telephony with simple settings IP has an extremely low entry threshold. For example, activation of the Solution “Only number 8 800 2.0” from MTT costs only 1 ruble. The subscription fee of 1,200 rubles per month includes a direct number, 300 free minutes, 2 MTT SIM cards, 2 web widgets and 2 readymade workstations. No special technical knowlege is require to set up telephony. We have create an intuitive interface and provide your personal account with the simplest possible tips.

In A Virtual Pbx

There any difficulties? To make your life easier, we have create a 24/7 technical support servVirtual PBX is already include in all MTT Solutions. This is a remote telephone exchange service that connects the subscriber with customers and partners. The equipment itself is with the operator. “Cloud” technologies allow you to connect the subscriber’s devices with customers’ phones through the “iron” of the provider. This is a good way to quickly SMS Gateway Switzerland organize communication in an empty office. In fact, this is a readymade solution. You only nee the Internet and a few devices to work with calls (SIP phone or any computer with a softphone installe). You can use telephony already on the day of the application. Internet telephony opens up new business opportunities: Available multichannel numbers Voice menu Integration with CRM (1C, AmoCRM, Bitrix) Script and Reirect Route Management.

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If You Lose Calls During Non working Hours

Access to analytical data Fast scalability, instant onboarding of new employees Control of remote specialists, common corporate network Free feeral number It attracts 35% more calls, but this tool is not suitable for every business. The main principle of the number 8 800 is that it is free for the client. There is no charge for outgoing calls Book Your list to this phone. The burden of payment lies with the subscriber company. Calls come from all over Russia, from any region, so you should be prepare to pay an impressive communication bill.

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