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International banks When the bank grows and there are more and more branches, the question of the correct distribution of calls between managers of different regions and the client consultation department becomes acute. IP telephony allows you to communicate with customers using the Internet and fixe phones or regular PCs with preinstalle programs. Even if the power goes out abruptly in your entire office, you can set up telephony on a regular smartphone or tablet so that you don’t miss important calls in such an emergency.

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This seriously reuces communication costs and helps to provide 24hour support on various issues of the bank with the help of competent reistribution of the load between branches throughout the country and the world. Moreover, the main advantage of telephony is that it does not matter where you are the connection will remain Bulk SMS Sweden of high quality, and the price for a call, even abroad, will not go beyond an adequate minimum. We will be able to set up call forwarding according to the schemes that you will nee for the most effective communication with customers, we will make a voice menu and expand communication to the number of employees that seems optimal to you at this stage with the possibility of further increasing their number in case of bank growth and opening of new ones.

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BrancheCons of free VATS Free means profitable? Of course, the first impression of a free offer is always positive they don’t impose a product on you, they don’t offer you to pay this or that amount every month But, as is often the case, a tempting offer hides a lot of pitfalls that surface when your phones are bursting with calls from potential customers. The most common problems in such situations: Low quality . Everything on the phone Book Your list is buzzing, hissing, and the manager’s voice is constantly interrupte? Definitely turn off most customers. This problem is especially relevant for small companies that have just entere the market and are trying to increase their customer base using any available tools to actively attract users, regardless of poor quality communications.

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