After the success of the first two editions

to the hybrid version in 2022, for its third edition, which will be held completely After the success  Vin person on 27 October. The Product Management Day moves to Florence,in the spaces of Nana Bianca. It will be a renewed third edition but always faithful to its values ​​and objectives, namely: Spread product culture in Italy ; Enhance valuable experiences and content ; Offer a meeting space for professionals – those who use the words discovery and delivery every day – and aspiring professionals. It is, therefore, a meeting and sharing space for all the figures who deal with digital products (Product manager/owner, CEO –

simplifying intercompany operational dynamics

A holistic and integrated approach, simplifying intercompany operational dynamics.  Allows us to better face the challenge of an increasingly competitive market. Companies are testing strategies that can stimulate growth After the success  and increase process effectiveness. , and leveraging data and technology. In this article we will show how to structure and optimize a successful RevOps strategy.   From team formation to data management and sharing. Up to the implementation of tools and technologies capable of making a difference. The RevOps strategy is a complex and always perfectible process. RevOps) strategy streamlines processes  B2b Leads and increases business revenue Defining realistic and measurable RevOps objectives ensures the use what we’ll see in detail: Improved revenue operations strategy

Implementation of revenue operations strategy Optimizing your

b2b leads

esigner @ 20Tab Costanza Mosi Head of Product @ Treedom Timotè Geimer CEO @ dualoop Luca Barbon i Founder & CMO @  be an active part of an event of this caliber – states Daniel Casarin (CEO Adv Media Lab) – who continues -After the success promoting and supporting the Product  Book Your List   Management Day means supporting innovation and excellence in Italy. Through quality and sharing Book Your List

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