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Historically, this analysis relied on the expert witness’s “ duel ”, and it was notoriously subjective, expensive, and unpredictable. However, courts are increasingly turning to more objective, market-based measures. [40] In addition, 《 Bankruptcy Law 》 also includes the so-called “ Safe Port ” clause to prevent bankruptcy trustees from recovering settlement payments from acquired shareholders.

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[41] In 2009, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth  latest database  Circuit ruled that such settlement payments cannot be avoided whether it is a leveraged acquisition by a listed company or a private company. [42] In the case of protection of public shareholders, insiders and secured lenders have become the main targets of fraudulent transfers. The bank’s response to the failed leveraged acquisition was to reduce the debt equity ratio, thereby increasing the financial sponsor’s “ stakeholder ” and reducing the debt burden.

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Automatic receiver tape is the earliest electronic special financial communication medium. It transmits stock price information through the telegraph line and is used from 1870 to 1970. It consists of a note that passes   Book Your List  through a machine called a stock automatic transceiver, which prints the abbreviation of the company name into an alphabetical symbol and then trades price and transaction volume information with digital stocks. “

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