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The term stock market ” comes from the sound made when the machine is printed. The automatic transceiver tape completely changed the financial market because it continuously and simultaneously transmitted information from the trading lobby across geographic distances. [1] As television and computers are increasingly used to transmit financial information, paper receiver tapes have become obsolete in the 1960s.

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 However, the concept of stock market conditions still exists in   special data  the rolling electronic market seen on the brokerage wall and on news and financial TV channels. The automatic transceiver tape stock price telegram is composed of Edward A. Callahan, an employee of the American Telegraph Company (Edward A. Calahan) was invented in 1867, and he later founded ADT. [2] [3] History Although the telegraph printing system was first invented by the Royal Earl in 1846, the early models were very fragile and required hand shake power.

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 Callahan (Edward A. Calahan) invented 1863; on November 15, 1867, he launched his equipment in New York City. [6] [7] [8] Early version of the stock market plot provides the first   Book Your List  mechanical way to transmit stock prices (“”) long-distance through the telegraph line. At its initial stage, stock bank intelligence used the same symbol as Morse code as a medium for conveying information.

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