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Unlike Meta or Google, Apple has the huge business advantage of owning the infrastructure for its entire ecosystem of products. They also do an excellent job of retaining their customers with new products and services. Whether it’s hardware (phones, tablets, computers) or software (Safari, The App Store, Apple Maps, Apple TV, Apple Arcade), Apple reality virtual reality Augment reality virtual  owns all of this user data and does not rely on third-party cookies or permissions to obtain it. How will this fit into their ad platform strategy as they scale and optimize? What changes will we see in the user experience with Apple products? It’s probably too early to tell, but from my point of view there are a few things to watch out for: local search In 2020, 93% of all consumers us electronic searches to find a local business.

These searches are remarketed to users within Safari

Those local searches were done with clicks on the Google Map Pack. According to Bloomberg, Apple will start running ads on Apple Maps sometime in 2023. Display remarketing Many times it happens that the customer navigates through Iraq Phone Number Data Apple Books, Apple TV, and the Podcasts App without making any purchase or selection. Could we envision a future where these searches are remarket to users within Safari (Apple’s browser)? Augment reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR) The rumor has long been that Apple aims to launch its own AR/VR headsets in addition to Apple Glass and thereby seriously compete with Facebook’s Oculus and Microsoft’s Hololens. Depending on its functionality, this would present a tremendous opportunity for brands to leverage a mix of mia to engage customers in a variety of ways.

Relevant search results than anything currently on the market

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Search Engine Marketing I recognize that this assumption is quite adventurous (but since I am the one writing, please allow me), what if Apple decides to compete against Google with its own search engine? With all the information Apple has about its customers, it could generate far more contextual and relevant search results than anything Book Your List currently on the market. Now, in case you miss it, the recently releas iOS 16 software update has add a prominent search bar to the home screen of all mobile devices. Sure, today search results rirect to Google, but is this one of the first signs of things to come? ios-search-button Over the years, Apple has sought to hone its reputation as a guardian of user privacy.

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