By working with a more or less established brand

By working Smart by Tailwind could be useful to you, which allow the creation of landing pages, which reflect the similarities of your Instagram fe, but where the posts in in this case they represent links that refer to specific pages of your website. Thanks to the latest updates, regarding the shopping functionality, for each product it is possible to insert the “View on website” option, which allows you to be direct to the website page dicat to the product, and thus start the purchasing process. The sponsorship of posts and stories as an advertising investment.

All the methods express so

Far can be us by anyone for free, but Instagram also allows you to use paid tools aim at promoting your content sponsorships. It is possible to sponsor your posts, to ensure that even users. Who do not follow you, but who according to the platform, due to their specific characteristics, identify. With web designs and development service your target, can be reach by your content. Focusing on sponsorships, today, is no longer an option, but a necessity. As a business, you cannot wait for customers to find you, but you must attract their attention , to bring them closer and allow them to come into contact with your brand.

By clicking on the Promote button

At the bottom right of your posts, you can choose how much money to invest. How long to advertise your products and Book Your List customize your target by interests, age and gender. Obviously the greater amount of time and money you invest, the greater the audience you will be able to contact. Depending on the objective you want to achieve, you will have to insert a CTA that will be display at the bottom of the post and choose where users who click on it will be sent for example, if your aim is to encourage purchases, you can insert the item “Buy now ”, which will lead users to the purchase page of your e-commerce site.

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